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The sizzle, the succulence, the sustainably-sourced whole cuts of meat…the universally lauded “Simply Sausages” range is so good it’s famous!

Sizzlingly Scrumptious,
Famously Favoured

Welcome to the home of “Simply Sausages”, London’s most famous, acclaimed and unanimously loved premium bangers. The enduring success of the Heap’s and Simply Sausages brands is down to sausage maker extraordinaire, Martin Heap, and his desire to provide the good people of London with the tastiest handmade sausages in the country.

Whether our sausage chefs sizzle them for you, or you’re buying to cook at home, the recipe behind each prime variation on offer remains the same; The finest whole cuts of locally sourced meat (never trimmings or offcuts), the perfect blend of fresh herbs and seasonings, and the unwavering belief that the sausage can be the star of any plate.

Every Sausage
Has a Story

Balancing heritage, tradition, expertise and eccentricity, the story behind Simply Sausages is one for the ages. Lauded as one of the main players behind the Great British sausage revolution, Martin Heap is nationally renowned for taking the humble sausage and turning it into a delicacy to savour.

Following an illustrious career as a renowned chef, Martin combined his experience, vigour, skills and vision to revolutionise the sausage making process to deliver enhanced flavours, superior quality, and an incredible range of sausages that our customers now know and love.

The “Posh Sausage”

The painstaking process behind each and every sausage in the Simply Sausages range is anything but simple. Yet over the years our experienced salumists have mastered the art of premium sausage making down to a tee. From truly unique flavourings to classic bangers, each sausage is handmade to perfection, following the traditional methods established and perfected by Martin Heap all those years ago.

The best sausages are made with the best ingredients: it’s a simple fact. Using the finest whole cuts of British meat and fresh local herbs and spices, the creation of each sausage is its own piece of theatre. As each sausage is made right here in the Heap’s shop, customers are more than welcome to come and see Martin’s famous mince-and-mix method in action. There may even be some samples sizzling away ready to whet your appetite.

Experience London’s Finest
Handmade Sausages

Whether you’re ordering from our much-loved takeaway menu where our sausages are the stars of the show or purchasing from our shop to create your own sausage masterpiece at home, the choices on offer are simply endless.

Some of incredible flavours available are listed below, but we’re constantly thinking up new ideas and inspiring tastes, so make sure to pop in to see which scrumptious sausage will tickle your tastebuds today!

  • Pork and cabbage
  • Pork and spinach
  • Pork caramelised onion
  • Cajun
  • Award Winning No1
  • Boerewors Sausages
  • Cumberland
  • Lethal Lucifer
  • Pork & Apple
  • Pork & Black Pudding
  • Pork, Prune & Cognac
  • Smithfield
  • Three Little Piggies
  • Toulouse