Taste & Comfort

Fine Cheese

At Heap’s, we’re bona fide cheese enthusiasts, and we know what makes a good one! That’s why we’re so happy to share with you our carefully sourced selection of yummy artisanal British cheeses.

Our Award
Winning Cheeses

We now stock a delightful range of fine British cheeses, made in Horsted Keynes, Sussex, by the award-winning High Weald Dairy. We currently stock at least 15 different High Weald cheeses, from the ‘Brighton Blue’ a renowned mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour, to ‘Sister Sarah, which is perfect for all you goat cheese lovers.

We nurture our direct relationships with our suppliers and select our choices based on age, condition and flavour profile, meticulously taste-testing to ensure the cheeses meet the expectations of our customers.

Organic & Non-organic
British Cheeses

We stock a wide range of award-winning cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses which have been made on a family-owned farm in the beautiful West Sussex countryside.

Organic and non-organic variants are available, and all of our chosen cheeses have been produced in line with stringent sustainability practices.